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About Us

Why the need to start another Car Hire Brokerage business?
The hire Cars world is changing in a high speed as most of the business worldwide. Among with other events and inventions the Internet was one the hugest things to happen in the past century and had revolution the all world as we used to know. Things were never the same, and so the distribution channels changed putting the products close to the final Customers and making it easier to compare prices and services. The manufacture or service provider had few or no exposure at all to the e-market, so intermediary e-Companies appeared gathering the services on a worldwide level and putting the Customers in direct access to the providers. From then on not only the hugest Car Rental Companies could be in direct contact with the Customers. Any mid or small Company could compete in the same level. Due to competition prices drop, so Customers could do better deals and be better served. We were living the Brokers era. Not all was "pink and blue". Creating a Broker website was easy, so thousands of Companies were being put online with no regards to reputation, Customer service and Reliability. The word was "volume". Didn't matter Clients satisfaction levers, high volume of Complaints and fast response to problems. Brokers were just interested in pushing Car Hire suppliers to very low price levels to be the most competitive in the web. Suppliers were now forced to work under price or no work at all. This situation was unbearable, so cuts were to be made. Type of service and quality cars and competent staff were jeopardized. Customers were suddenly passing from the initial ideal of "the great deal" to final real idea of  "scam deal". The image of the Car Hire market was getting low. This bad image was not an issue to the Car Rental Brokers once an unhappy Customer would book again, or with them, or with others, or with them with other domain websites. A door was open to create the Car Hire Broker System that gathered maybe not the cheapest price, but Lowest Price for the best service and rental cars. Loyalty and regularity is the secret of our business, and to achieve that we must be competitive, but not only good,.. we must be the best. We can have it harder to call a Client in, but we're sure a Client that experiences our services for the first time will keep using us for many years to come. We started in 2003 just to rebirth the good reputation of the car hire market and be an alternative to Clients interested in something more than just 4 wheels and and engine. Reliability and service was reinstated, specially with cars in good conditions. We are definitely a good example for the expression "value for the money". We have 24 hours per day a helpdesk with real people to serve you no matter what the problem is, to give you a fast and effective answer.
Hire Car 4 Less selection of rental cars Providers
The basic minimum requests a rental cars Provider has to fulfill to be able to work with us is 1st class Customer service, reliability, professionalism, trustworthiness and quality cars. Renting with Hire Car 4 Less is renting with the finest car rental Companies in Portugal. Inexpensive prices are negotiated with our car rentals Providers to guarantee the best service and cheapest rental rates in Portugal, still being very competitive. Inexpensive Rent a car in Lisbon Airport with such good rental conditions and high personalized service is something you can't miss. Faro airport low cost car hire can now be a safe experience to our valuable Clients and true value for the money in the Algarve. Our Clients opinions and suggestions have been helping us to maintain the reputation we acquired in the Portuguese Rent-a-Car business. Please leave here a testimonial of your Rent-a-Car experience with us.
Internet Rent-a-Car Platform developed by us
The Internet platform we're currently using was developed by us in partnership with JavaLi Open Source Services, a Company located in the premises of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (one of the most reliable Universities in Portugal). We're proud to be involved in this powerful online tool to safely book a rental car for the most relevant locations in Portugal as Faro, Lisbon, Oporto and entire Algarve region. We designed a secure method for online payments via credit card, and simple 5 steps to rapidly book your right rental car in Portugal. In the downloads section here you have access to free useful Maps and information you'll need to safely enjoy your holidays in Portugal.
Hire Car 4 Less LOW Excess
We provide high quality rent-a-car services in Faro Airport and Lisbon Airport, Lisbon Downtown and all the Algarve cities and locations. We also serve Oporto Airport Rent-a-Car and Oporto Downtown Car Hire. Our cars are provided with a Full Comprehensive Insurance with LOW Excess / Reduced Deductible. SCDW can be purchased online or locally when picking up the rental car, but if you want to try truly "All Inclusive" deal you should try our Sister Company Rent Car 4 Less. Most of our Competitors advertise special "All Inclusive" deals, but in the end are simple CDW coverage deals sometimes with huge excess amounts. Some "All Inclusive" deals with NO Excess have long lists of exclusions and impossible procedures to be refunded for damages turning it very difficult to have access to what was supposed to be a rental with NO excess. With Hire Car 4 Less you'll enjoy your holidays with a wonderful service and reliable cars. Check our rental conditions.
Locations where to rent with Hire Car 4 Less
We are still focused in the Portuguese Rent-a-Car market. Before jumping to other markets we intend to form a solid structure and build a high standard reputation. Only after all that it's possible to spread the market and be able to provide a 1st class service worldwide. We will definitely expand to other Countries, but only after being 100% sure our rental cars Providers will work accordingly with our rules and high demands. Up to now Hire Car 4 Less is the most reliable Car Hire Broker in Portugal providing cars in Lisbon Airport, Faro Airport, Oporto Airport, and in all Algarve region.
Low Cost rates
Hire Car 4 Less guarantees high standard service and trustworthiness still at Low Cost rental prices. Before each season starts rates are negotiated with our local rental cars Providers to be the most competitive possible. Sure you'll always find ridiculous cheaper deals than in Hire Car 4 Less, but then you should consider browsing for reviews on those Companies because most likely their service is compromised, maybe it's just a "fishing" strategy and no cars available, so you'll end up with a late reply for no availability and forced to tick for a much expensive upgrade, or are just Excess Rip Off scams. We strongly recommend to avoid unnecessary risk for cheaper deals. Hire Cars for Less in a safer way at!
Round the Clock Support
Hire Car 4 Less operates 24/7 and it's at your disposal no matter what problem. Our high qualified trained Staff will always be on hand for an immediate answer and solution. We'll provide you with a 24/7 assistance contact number. We'll guide you in what to do and what not to do in Portugal and offer free of charge additional useful tips and information (Documentation; Maps). Just go anywhere in Portugal, Hire Car 4 Less will be permanently by your side to provide a fast service on a friendly way.
Rent Car 4 Less foundation
The Company policy is not based on indices of huge sales, money quick retrofits and easy profit. Our goal is to satisfy our Clients turning them into regular and loyal Customers.